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Pre Order Lead-time is around 8 weeks

Full Length: 321mm

Axehead Width : 175mm

Thickness: 6mm

Surface Finish: Acide Stonewash

Steel: D2

Handlematerial: Coyote G10

Kydexsheath: Coyote

Weight: 820g with the Kydexsheath




The Hawk,

Designed as breaching tool, the hawk carries most of its weight in the head, which increases impact force, when swung.

The end of the Handle is curved for a secure Grip, aswell it has a unique palmswell  milled into the handle.

Together with Kydexhoslter NL we created the design, handle scales and Kydexsheath. The Sheath comes with an extra bungee cord for extra security on the axe, while carrying it in the sheath.


We would always recommend a light coating of Gun Oil, like Ballistol on the Steel parts.

Due to the nature of the mounting and holding points in the Kydexsheath it can scratch the finish. We still decide us for this option so the axe stays secure in the Kydexsheath.

The Hawk is a mid tech production, heattreat, finish and sharpening is done in house by Forgeworks

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