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Full Length: 252mm

Blade Length: 137,7mm

Thickness: 5mm

Surface Finish: Stonewash

Steel: 80CRV2

Handlematerial: Camo G10

Kydexsheath: Black




The Rhino Ranger was designed together with 22nd Wildlife, which is a no profit organization in Africa. They stand for the protection of the Wildlife. With their expertise and knowledge, they train Anti-poaching untis. If you wanna learn more about 22nd Wildlife feel free to see there whole website, to learn more about there great doings.

For each knife that gets sold, I donated 50€ to 22nd Wildlife. So you are not just getting a cool knife you are also doing something good.

The knife is a great tool for the bushes, it has a long enough blade to use it for chopping and cutting but at the same time it is not too big and cumbersome to carry. For the handle we choose a special shape, which gives you a small guard and also and hook on the end of the blade, so the knife won’t be able to slip out of your hand. For even more security, we have added a Lanyardhole.

For the blade we have chosen 80CRV2 Carbonsteel, it is durable, shock resistance and easy to sharpen, even when you are in the bushes of Africa. The Grind on the blade is a full flat grind, with a slight convex edge.

The Forgeworks and 22nd Wildlife Logos are lasered deeply into the blades.

It comes with a Kydexsheath, the hole spacing on the sheath is made for Bladetech attachments, like the Teklok for example.


We would recommend the Balistol Oil for the maintenance of the Knife. Carbonsteel can rust. Never store it wet in the Sheath.

Leadtime on the knife is 8-9 weeks. Each knife is handcrafted by myself.

Keep in mind Kydex can leave scratches on the Knife, this is not a production failure.





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